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The Macallan Amber

GoodDoxie created a program in the San Francisco/Bay Area engaging on-premise  bartenders, chefs and pastry chefs to create recipes using their new liquor. Recipes were added to menus and the program was an unequivocal success. As a result,  the market was the only one to sell through all product consisting of nine major markets. The booklet/program was used to help sell the brand to Suntori.  Examples below represent a selection of the 18 accounts represented and an Ad that was also used to promote the label nationwide.

2g_amberBOOK_sf-2 copy.jpg
2g_amberBOOK_sf-3 copy.jpg
2g_amberBOOK_sf-8 copy.jpg
2g_amberBOOK_sf-14 copy.jpg
2g_amberBOOK_sf-18 copy.jpg
2g_amberBOOK_sf-20 copy.jpg
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