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Wagner Family of WINE–Tips Of The Trade

GoodDoxie created a large booklet for insert in cases of Caymus Vineyards to promote all the labels in the family. Intended for giveaways at wine stores and as a teaching tool for consumers. Based on a previously created on-premise piece by GoodDoxie for their Conundrum brand, aiding in separating it from the Caymus brand. Conundrum's Tips of The Trade, was delivered to high-end chain restaurants to aid in educating staff while also creating a brand memorable piece resulting in more recommendations of the label plus a 200% increase in on-premise sales.  Examples below represent a selection of the 25 page booklet.

inter_design_TIPS_v16-3 copy.jpg
inter_design_TIPS_v16-6 copy.jpg
inter_design_TIPS_v16-15 copy.jpg
inter_design_TIPS_v16-16 copy.jpg
inter_design_TIPS_v16-17 copy.jpg
inter_design_TIPS_v16-18 copy.jpg
inter_design_TIPS_v16-19 copy.jpg
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